Monday, July 25, 2016

Find the Way of Least Action (from Deepak's article below)

Find the Way of Least Action
In physics, the law of least action holds that nature favors the shortest path to achieve a result. A tennis ball falls to earth in a simple curve, not a curlicue. An arrow flies straight to the target. Water boils at 212 degrees F. If nature is always this efficient, using the least effort and energy as possible, why do we complicate our lives? The combination of stress, struggle, and needless suffering is the result of a mindset that sees no other way to live.
But there has always been another way, as pointed out by the world's wisdom traditions. Look into them, and you will find some astonishing propositions, including the following: Life was never meant to be a struggle. When you encounter the silent depth of your mind, some problems dissolve automatically while others present new solutions. Your higher self, who you grow closer to with each meditation, is real and wants only the best for you. A life aligned with the laws of nature is not only easier; it brings love, creativity, and bliss as our birthright.
All of these things are worth exploring, I think. They guide me personally, and from long experience I know that mindsets – which can feel like prisons – can be transformed into the gate to freedom.

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