Sunday, July 31, 2016

And where is Beauty? It lies within.

Stay Grateful, Walk in Beauty - You Have Everything You Need
Each of you is discovering the truth of your nature, that you already have everything that you see...k, and that it is all vibrationally focused at your center. That stuff that appears to you in the outside world is just the outward manifestation of something you have already gestated vibrationally on the inside for a long time, in your imagination, in your beliefs, in your musings.
The Source of Everything is focused through your center of being. And if you want to change the shape of your world, that is the place to go to do it. Everything you might pursue on the outside—money, food, relationships, sex—throws you off balance. There’s nothing bad about any of it. Its not a question of this is good and this is bad. That’s irrelevant. What is relevant is if you call it to you through your center of being, and allow it to be delivered by Source; or if you go out on a journey or an action quest to try to find fulfillment outside of yourself.
You already have everything within. You have been given everything. So when you go out on a quest you are giving up everything to try to catch something that is really just an elusive physical shadow of the real world of vibrational essence. You have the real world within. Your time within is worth a billion of whatever you might catch without. Stay focused, stay centered—much more important than anything you might pursue. Stay centered even when you are in pursuit. Walk in Beauty. That’s what that expression means. And where is Beauty? It lies within.
Bright blessings on your time-space journeys,~Twelve
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