Sunday, July 24, 2016

Part of the otherwise Marvelous ACIM is dualistic

Ra Divakar: I adore most of ACIM, just object to the anti-ego and anti-body parts. Dr. Thetford said to "tear out those pages".

I agree completely, and I have learned so much from ACIM. "In my defenselessness, my safety lies. I need do nothing. Love is the Essence of our Being. on and on"
Ra Divakar

Although I adore most of ACIM, part of the ACIM is dualistic describing the "ego" as our "inner devil" just the same as fundamentalist Christians! Like Mother Teresa who says she is pro-peace not anti- war - "I am not anti-anything." Be Pro-Spirit, not anti-ego!

Cheryl Lynn part of what acim taught me ... still learning tho .... a poem i wrote a few yrs back ............ inspired by Wayne Dyer

just a prayer for all the beings in the Universe today

may you see love and beauty in all that comes your way

may you see it in the one who sits and begs you for your change

may you see it in the drug addict who's living in such pain

may you see it in the murderer who's killed a bunch of strangers

may you see it in the one who hits because they're filled with anger

may you see it in the woman who's been beaten and abused

may you see it in the helpless child who thinks they won't get through

may you see it in the one's who've hurt your spirit and your soul

may you see it in all beings before you heart turns cold

and when you start to look and see that God is in all beings

you'll live a life inspired and full of love that's never ending

chiweeboo '07

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