Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Take responsibility for everything

Terry Orr
On blaming others: Too often we incorrectly blame other people for our own misery. We say we are unhappy because someone is misbehaving and that we will be fine as soon as that person conforms to our wishes, or else gets out of our lives. We keep generating anger in our mind; which flows into our body as unpleasant sensations (feelings) and which we then react to, with even more anger. We roll in our own mental cesspool.
The way out of this vicious cycle, is to reco...gnize the inner source of our suffering and to learn the art of self-observation. Don't try to suppress or ignore the anger and don't react to it either. The "right way" to observe ourselves, is to pay attention to how we feel - rather than intellectualizing who is to blame.
Every sensation has the nature of vibration and the nature of vibration is change. This means nothing lasts forever. All we have to do is observe with non-judgmental equanimity and let the vibrations of change heal us. Learn how to observe the most subtle sensations and come to understand the truth of the problem. Then the madness of blaming others will cease.
Obviously, there are cases when external situations require action; sometimes stern action - but never the blind reaction of an agitated mind.

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