Friday, May 27, 2016

Important New Site for Prayers for Peace!

It's time to pray/meditate!
Our Next intention to pray/meditate for:
This week we pray with the physical status of the planet. There is much that is beautiful still about our planet, and yet too there is pollution in our waters, air and land. And, no matter how you believe the climate to be changing, let’s see humankind taking care of the planet in the ways that it needs.
Our time to pray and meditate together will be this Saturday, the 28th at 11AM your local time.

Remember to set your reminders on your phones, email, etc. And if you can't pray at that time, or forget, no problem. Just pray later.

Also, so we can keep adding pray-er's and meditators to our group, and to make our prayers and meditations even more powerful, please refer your friends and family to the website so they can register their emails:

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