Thursday, May 19, 2016

Synchronistic Meeting with Brother's Pilot friend

Something really synchronistic happened today at a Vietnam Welcome Home Ceremony put on by the Red Cross. The featured speaker was a former helicopter pilot there. He has written a book called BLADES OF THUNDER. He wrote about the 42 classmates over there who were killed in Vietnam. He mentioned that several he could not locate, and talked of finding one. He had to leave early to babysit "3 grandkids". So I rushed after him to tell him of my Brother Barry. He said "you are Barry Alexander's Brother! He was my best friend in training. I have been looking for his relatives even mentioning him in Clemson when I spoke there." I told him that none of our relatives live there now, and I may be last remaining one. He is in my book, and I will write more about him in my next book, when I find out more about him for you. We hugged and agreed to meet again soon. And I told him I would send him the Youtube I did Dogtags and Body Bags in memory of CWO Barry Alexander.

Dog Tags and Body Bags - story of vet. Brother, not in Viet Nam, overcoming his grief and survivors guilt by writing and imaging about his love for his broth...

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