Monday, May 30, 2016

A Joyful Day with old vet. at Concert

Charleston Memorial Day Concert
For me the best part of this excellent concert was to push a wheelchair occupied by a 90 y.o. WW11 veteran who won a purple heart and bronze star as a medic in Okinawa. This is where my father fought as a Marine.
Pfc. F. was a tenor in a choir and sang along to AMERICA, THE BEAUTIFUL. He and I both felt very honored by the music and the people there.

May 30, 12pm | St. Phillip’s
As part of Piccolo Spoleto, a branch of the popular Spoleto music and arts festival, there will be a memorial day concert performed at St. Phillip’s Church. Piccolo Spoleto on its own brings 500 events to the Lowcountry over 17 days, spanning the same two-and-a-half weeks as the Spoleto Festival.  

Piccolo Spoleto Festival - Charleston Men’s Chorus
Maria Orme: "Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for those who have fallen during service to our country. As we commemorate the soldiers we have lost, as well as wounded soldiers, bereaved families, orphans and widows, let’s not forget the meaning and traditions behind this sacred holiday.
Memorial Day was originally called Decoration Day, as its purpose was to visit cemeteries and place flowers on the graves of soldiers who had died in the Civil War. In 1882, people started calling it “Memorial Day,” and by the time World Wars I and II had ended, it had evolved into a day to honor all fallen military men and women, no matter what war they fought in." MSN


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