Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Observe MEMORIAL Day

Another one for you Bro! in memory of Brother Barry killed in Vietnam
The True Essence Of The Memorial Day! �Never forget freedom is not free� Have you ever wondered about not having the freedom to worship, work, play or express according to your own freewill? Do you realize the enormous impact slavery creates on the egregore, creating an unrest that lasts for generations? Memorial Day marks the day to commemorate the sacrifices of our real heroes in freeing us from negative forces. It is the day to remember those who died in the line of their duty. I met a teenager who was heading the local cemetery rather than hitting the mall to enjoy the Memorial Day Weekend sales. I was filled with awe at the attitude of gratitude that youth carried in his heart. It is indeed okay to enjoy the weekend get-together or getaway or just hit the mall to collect more trinkets but it is essential to keep the real essence of the day alive

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