Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Afghanistan - 2002 and 2004). “They’re labeled a hero or warrior. That’s a major problem. It leads to further seclusion, isolation with soldiers. We talk about the suicide rates amongst veterans—22 a day. It’s because we’re not allowed to talk about what we saw overseas, how unjust it was, how we feel like bullies. How many innocent people have been killed since 9/11? Throwing out words like ‘heroes’ does a disservice to the experience of veterans and all the innocent people that have been killed since then.”

I agree with this, this is a reason interview veterans for the Veteran History Project for the Library of Congress, and encourage others to help. Especially urgent now is the remaining WW11 vets, many of whom are in Paliative Care or Hospices. I found 4 - 2 women (very rare) and two men all over 90 in a Hospice today in Murrells Inlet area. I am going to call around to get them interviewed, and there are a couple of interviewers who are searching for women to interview! Hopefully, vets can find a peace of mind while still living! Blessings, ron
A U.S. ranger who served in Afghanistan and a Marine who was in Iraq put light on the dangerous myth that America has built around its “warriors.” Now, in acts of civil disobedience, they are determined to right the wrongs of war. - 2016/04/03


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