Tuesday, April 26, 2016

True Meaning of Happiness

True Meaning of Happiness
Spirit knows only harmony, and a similar harmony now exists in my world.
If there is a conflict in the human will, I turn to Divine W...isdom. Here I find the answer that awaits me. It becomes clear to me now I may further the goods of others and be free to accept my own good. I give up all impatience. I am, in accord, with Divine Activity and experience a perfect state of progress that cannot interfere with anyone else. I lay aside selfishness and fear. I know that the loving and bestowing Spirit gives of Itself to me and to all others.
There is no scarcity of good. My blessings are abundant, and by sharing them I add to myself. With serenity, joy and love, I now understand the true meaning of happiness. I see that no pain or sacrifice is entailed. There is only Divine Wisdom bringing peace to all. I am happy and my world is made glad.
paraphrased from Ernest Holmes (365 - Science of Mind

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