Friday, April 15, 2016

My Power Spot Among the Trees

Back to the Grandparents Trees this evening. Some times I go to the movies on Friday Nights, however I am enjoying sitting under these ancient majestic trees. Breathing deeply blissfully underneath these giant air filters. Tonight I noticed for the first time a strong healing energy behind where I was sitting. I looked, and on the other side of some scrub oaks and pines was another Live Oak, maybe the next generation about half the size of the grandparents. Maybe this is a Parent Tree?
Help care for our trees!
Vilma D. López: In the middle of a spiritual ceremony @ Perú... a tree told me... without words... that they are here to take kare of us...
to protect us all around the world.
That was magic... cool moment. Namaste ♡ ♡ ♡
thanks Vilma, I was walking and stretching amongst the beautiful trees back from trip - I send them much love and gratitude!


The blue beach chair is where I sit enjoying the healing effects of these wonderful trees! Behind the chair you can see the smaller "parent" tree!

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