Saturday, April 23, 2016

Mind gives birth to infinite worlds...

I have been through a 7.8 earthquake with this wise lady, and I believe what she is saying here. Ron Alexander (It was a very localized quake in the middle of the Mojave Desert, thankfully! I was with the campers and actually enjoyed the initial shaking in my sleeping bag - felt like a massage bed. However, then my co-counselor woke me up and suggested we get all the campers on the concrete picnic area, as "the earth may open up". It didn't thankfully, and Katie's students who chose to stay in the Holiday Inn were shaken up worse than we were. A train was knocked off it's tracks locally, but otherwise no other damage that I heard of. However, a quake of this magnitude would have wrecked immense havoc in a populated area. The San Francisco quake was 6.8 for example.
Ramana Hridayam's photo.
‘Empty yet inexhaustible, it gives birth to infinite worlds.’
Mind gives birth to infinite worlds—of this and that, loss and sorrow, good and evil. It's complete from the beginning, and yet it's inexhaustible in the production of what isn't. Believing what you think, you're carried off into the endless dramas of the self.
Until there's peace within you, there is no peace in the world, because you are the world, you are the earth. The story of earth is all there is of earth and beyond. When you're in dreamless sleep at night, is there a world? Not until you wake up and say, "I." When the I arises, welcome to the movie of who you think you are. But if you question it, there's no attachment, it's just a great movie. Get the popcorn: here it comes!
I live in completeness. All of us do, though we may not realize it. I don't know anything; I don't have to figure anything out. I gave up forty-three years of thinking that went nowhere, and now I exist as a don't-know mind. This leaves nothing but peace and joy in my life. It's the absolute fulfillment of watching everything unfold in front of me as me.
- Byron Katie, ‘A Thousand Names for Joy’

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