Monday, June 5, 2017

Wow, Single Payer Health Care for California

Dear Ron, 

Let us celebrate a huge victory on health care. 

Thanks to our participants in CA and other valiant activist groups, 
the full CA Senate just passed SB 562, The Healthy CA Act, which 
would bring money saving single payer health care to our largest 

Let us keep our focus on the strategic prize, which is real 
progressive policy change. We will win the elections of the future, 
to put in place the strong politicians who will bring about this and 
all other good things, BECAUSE we stood strong on the issues, WITH 
the majority of our fellow citizens, much more than because we 
properly noted the glaring incompetence and corruption of people like 

It is easy enough to be against Trump, who makes a liar and a fool of 
himself daily. But what matters most is for us to be FOR the things 
we believe in, and to demonstrate and proclaim and advocate for these 
in every way. 

Yes, CA is now leading the charge in a major way. But we still need 
our participants in all other states to keep the pressure on Congress 
to finally get real about one simple fact, the only way to actually 
reduce costs to the American people is to use the bargaining leverage 
of all of us together to get a better deal from the health care 
providers. This one sentence is a complete, self-contained, winning 
argument for single payer. 

Please share this action page as much as possible, using the easy 
social media sharing buttons at the top. Do it over and again, week 
after week, which is how we will build this movement. And of course, 
submit it yourself if you have not done so already. 

Single Payer Medicare For All action page: 

And here is a lower tech version of the action page if the chicken 
littles at McAfee can't distinguish earth from sky. 

OK, today we're going to share our insight on something that is 
apparently mystifying every other political commentator . . . why 
won't Trump, or any of his surrogates, answer the straight forward 
question of whether Trump still believes that climate change is a 
hoax, as he claimed repeatedly during his campaign? 

In single press conferences multiple reporters ask this same question 
over and over. All they get is evasion, that Spicer or whoever hasn't 
talked to Trump about it. 

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