Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional, Now, in personal pain, how do I keep from suffering. Or get out of the pain?

Rochelle Bunny Bukzin-Pines Prayers - God Loves You! Always has, always will 
Ron Alexander I work with injured VETS that live with chronic pain, so now I have to live what I preach!

Rochelle Bunny Bukzin-Pines No, you don't. God wants you out of this pain ASAP. The VETS can get help but maybe not from the people they are working with.

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PFC Finney has been in pain since being injured, while saving lives in Okinawa, as a Medic over 72 years ago.
Ron Alexander One of my favorite vets from the VA. The VA does a lot better for vets than advertised. They allow anything that may help including Reiki, yoga, music, etc. That photo is after a magnificent Memorial Day concert. This Sat., I am blessed to escort him to another Piccolo Spoleto Concert with Two of his favorite singers Lacy and Gracy.

Carrie Hanks Amen. That physical is just so much more difficult it seems to pray away. But, I'm praying for you and everyone who is blessed to bravely endure.

Rochelle Bunny Bukzin-Pines God answers prayers ❤️

Barbara Walker Let me know how you work that out.

Ron Alexander One thing Barbara Walker, I believe in balancing Allopathic and Naturopatbic alternative Healing. The VA is reticent about giving our pain pills, and I don't blame them. And what they gave me did not work, so I contacted a Naturopath, and she
gave me an alternative method that appears to be working.

Ron Alexander Do you want me to reveal the "alternative method"? I want to give it more time, to make sure it really works over time?

Bernard Buckley Acceptance is the key

Ron Alexander Thanks Bernie, I know you know what you are talking about, however in this situation, I think there is a solution, and I am experimenting. I will let you know if and how when I am sure, if you want?
Paula Dyer Hope you feel a lot better very soon Ron

Ron Alexander I do already using two alternative health treatments!

Paula Dyer That's good Ron, so glad you're find things that are working for you.

Ron Alexander Thanks dear Paula, heart-felt inquiries like yours really help tooj!

Ron Alexander I will accept long-distance Reiki from anybody and/or prayers, visualizations, etc.

Paula Dyer Sending Reiki and prayers Ron x

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