Monday, June 5, 2017

Here is how Affirmative Prayer worked for me yesterday at Unity Charleston SC. I had a nightmarish night, however, I woke up determined to have a good day at church. I went to early meditation at 7:30, however I did not feel like doing my usual Mindfulness walk around the Labyrinth. I ushered at the early 9:30 service, however I felt a lot of fatigue, and thought of going back to bed afterwards. However, my intentions were to help set up for the annual picnic and then enjoy it after the second service. Therefore, when Rev. Edwin D Kosak asked for someone who needed some help with abundance, health, etc I eagerly volunteered. Elizabeth Ann Cain and Rev. Ed prayed over me, and I felt Divine Energy flowing through me. As pointed out by Rev. Lynn Holland pointed out I did try to block it a few minutes later, by going to my intellect. I started thinking victim thoughts. Upon hearing her, and dialoguing with her, I dropped the toxic thinking. I thoroughly enjoyed helping setting up the picnic, and the camaraderie there, and even parts of the second service. The food and communing was deligbtful, and even was given some dessert to take out. It was 3:30 before I got home to go to bed, ahh! Then I got a surprise call from a friend inviting me to a concert. I did a mindful check on my body, then said YES, and enjoyed the Angels of Light Choral Group very much! What a great day! Thank you Unity Charleston!

What is affirmative prayer?

When most people think of prayer, 
they think of asking God for something.
Not so in Unity.
Unity uses “affirmative prayer.” Rather than begging 
or beseeching God, this method involves connecting 
with the spirit of God within and asserting positive 
beliefs about the desired outcome. Affirmative prayer 
is the same method of prayer Jesus taught when he said,
 “So I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe 
that you have received it, and it will be yours” (Mark 11:24).
If, for example, one were to pray traditionally, one might say: “Please God,
help me find a job.” By contrast, an affirmative prayer might be: 
“I am now guided to my right and perfect employment.”
Affirmative prayer reflects the certainty that we are each being led to our highest 
good, despite any temporary appearances.
Metaphysicians believe that thoughts transmit magnetic energy and this energy 
attracts other energy of the same frequency. Whether you are conscious of it or 
not, your thoughts are transmitting energy that is attracting more of the same. 
When you remain focused on your intentions, you will draw those things into your life.
Rosemary Ellen Guiley, author of Prayer Works, states that affirmative prayer 
“sets into motion the forces that enable us to manifest what we pray for.”
She adds, “Prayer is ineffective when it is accompanied or followed by negative 
thinking, or the endless repeating of affirmations. We have to put power and 
intensity into our thought, change our thought, and believe in the guidance 
we are receiving. If we spend energy on negative beliefs and feelings, 
we will get negative results, even if we and others pray daily for us. For 
example, if you pray for a job and then complain to others that you have 
no job or can't find one, you are undermining your prayer.”
By using an affirmative prayer approach, we can visualize and plan for the future 
with faith that the power of God is continually blessing our lives with unlimited 
possibilities. Affirmative prayer leads to an awakening of our spiritual selves. 
In faith, we pray giving thanks in advance that the Universe is meeting our every need.


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