Sunday, April 3, 2016

So I say, "Go Bernie. I behold you as Love walking on this planet."

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    266,530 Views added a new video: Bernie Sanders is #ForThePeople.
    Polls, pundits, and delegate counts aside, Bernie Sanders just connects with people like no other candidate.
    Ron Alexander Diana A Robbins: I'm am a decidedly apolitical soul, believing that it is the LOVE in us that must ultimately rule our world and that presidents and kings and ruling bodies are NOT "the" answer. I've said it before and will repeat it here now. This is NOT just about getting Bernie Sanders in as President (though that would be wonderful, I think). What it is about is changing and lifting up the collective consciousness of Americans and the world in general to HIGHER GROUND. A President that REALLY stands for the people, even if obstructed, is going to change the consciousness of the world..... Better still, such a President (or candidate) is a SYMBOL of an already uplifted consciousness! So I say, "Go Bernie. I behold you as Love walking on this planet." (A little bird told me what I already felt about this man...and felt deeply). WELL SAID, THANKS Diana
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    Diana A Robbins heart emoticon So happy this resonated with you Ron!
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