Friday, April 8, 2016

Newsletter from Byron Katie (Loving all of you, without choice)


Letter from Katie

Dearest Friends,
I'm so happy to report that on this April Fools' Day, 2016, I became very happily aware that I remain one (a fool) and still am loving what is as fool's mind living happily at home in itself.
I do hope that this newsletter supports your well-being being discovered and benefits your world in some glorious and beautiful way, affecting everything in turn.
You are, in me, all there is of you, and no wonder that I would love what is you in me. Do you understand? To think of you is to see you in my mind's eye, and in that purely imagined, you are born in me, and to see you is to love you, and that is mine: that you are mine. If you can't love within yourself, you can't love anything; you aren't aware that you really do love all and are even closer than that.
Judge your story (of the images that arise with that person or not with that person), write your judgments down, ask four questions, and turn them around to see the one and only mind and no other.
Loving all of you, without choice,

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