Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Unity Charleston,S.C.

 Thought for the Week
Let's get back to basics.
  1. There is only one presence and one power, God the Good, in Las Vegas, Chicago, etc.
  2. The divine spark that is in all of us enables us to do anything we need to do to create a better world.
  3. The Law of Mind Action teaches us that we begin the creation process with our thoughts
  4. Prayer and Meditation form the foundation of our lives, whereby the thoughts for Las Vegas, etc. are put into the creative process with spirit.
  5. After doing the above, we move our feet and put our thoughts into action.
We are so excited and honored to help the Baha'i community celebrate their 200th anniversary AT BOTH OUR SERVICES THIS SUNDAY . Masud Olunaf, pictured below is an accomplished actor and speaker, and will be speaking on "Mending a Broken World: A Revelation of Oneness". The Unity band will be playing. A mayoral proclamation will be read by the mayor or his assistant, and we will do the Sikh tradition called Langar, where we all sit on the floor (except for the elderly and disabled), eat together, as a sign that we are all equal and the same.
Join us as celebrate this wonderful religion that honors all the world's religions with such great respect.

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