Friday, January 27, 2017

What you resist persists?

Nancy Boyd

Someone said something today that struck a chord with me and I wanted to share my insights about it with you.
What they shared was a quote that I have heard many times, and know to be true:
"What you resists persists."
Now, ever since Trump took office, I have taken a position of. . . yes. . . resistance to his rulings and policies, because they hurt the planet and the people. I have thought of myself as a resistor. A Fighter against evil things.
But thinking about this quote. . . I am changing how I view what I am doing (NOT changing what I am doing.)
Here is how I am reframing things:
I am transforming what is ugly and cruel into something that is beautiful and helpful.
Can we just change things up a bit and take them that one or two levels higher in how we think about what we are doing? I believe it will make a HUGE difference!
Shall we try it and see? I am. Because for one thing, I do NOT want evil to persist. And because I truly want LOVE and beauty to prevail.
What do you think about this? I'd love to hear.

Patricia Jay Thompson:I love it! Reminds me of this saying... "Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream..." It doesn't mean we accept what is complacently, but what it does mean, is that we stay unruffled and continue to express the Truth in all our thoughts, words and actions. In other words, we BE the change we want to see in the world. But, again, that does not mean milk toast lalaland new age focus on love and light. Noooooooo, we still point out the negativity...all the horrors of this world and advocate for Truth. We still look at the reality of what is going on, and work hard to raise awareness and compassion, but we do not allow ourselves to become swallowed up in it.

Doc Shar I am choosing to re-frame this whole thing as the wake-up call we all needed to clarify our values and beliefs. We are dualistic creatures. We need to know black in order to know white, hot to know cold, up to know down, etc. Trump will show us more clearly what we do NOT want, so we can more fervently and purposefully pursue what we DO want! Thanks Donald!

Ron Alexander Non-violent resistance is what Gandhi and MLK used to change the whole world. Can we reframe "resistance" to "boundaries"? We love our children, however they need and appreciate "tough love". Trump is acting like a child, a bully son. What does a parent do in this case? I am a spiritual person, and I believe in most of the platitudes expressed here, however I have also studied WW2 closely, and observe Trump using fascist "evil" tactics to take over our government. Do we just pray him away?
LikeReply155 mins

Doc Shar "Praying" is too passive... we need to take decisive action here!
What do you suggest Doc?

Doc Shar Keep reminding Trump we are watching him in any way we can... especially in larger numbers than he can draw himself lol. I don't think we need to do much more than challenge him constantly. I think he's going to implode... self-destruct... shoot himself in the foot with his own narcissism... wait for it!

Ron Alexander Jung writes about the collective conscious and Unconscious. That we consciously observe and point out unconscious actions can help change the collective. Can we change a "bully son" by helping him see the "light"?
Nancy Boyd: Ron Alexander, My take on the Jungian thinking is that we work on and change our own "inner bully" which then changes the collective consciousness through ours. In other words, we don't change them, we change US. And that changes them. Kinda paradoxical I know, but I have also heard this from some very wise teachers from all kinds of lineage streams.

Doc Shar I'm not too hopeful about that 
Ron Alexander Thanks Nancy and all you commenters, this is a very thoughtful dialogue. I have learned a lot here. Keeping our peace while taking positive non violent action seems to be what I am learning? You?
Nancy Boyd: Doc Shar For sure the more negative attention he gets the crazier it makes him. Ron, from what I have heard from respected psychiatrists and psychologists, there is very little effective treatment for NPD, which not not a hopeful prognosis in Trump's case for being able to effect any positive change.

What I personally feel about Trump is that even if his soul has an awakening (and I'm holding space that it can and will) -- he will have a difficult time overcoming his personality tendencies, The kind of change we need to see from him may not be possible.


Nancy Boyd Yes, Ron. To me, this is what the union of male/female energies is all about. I am going to post something in a moment that captures it perfectly (and I wish *I* had said it, because it's about as clear as it could be.) It's a quote from astrologer Anne Harris and it's BRILLIANT.

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