Monday, January 16, 2017

Awaken to Your Light

We Amazing Illuminated Beings
Our house is a single field, clean, vast and lustrous clearly self-illuminated...Amid living beings is the original place or nirvana. How amazing it is that all people have this but cannot polish it into clarity. In darkness unawakened, they make foolishness cover their wisdom and overflow. One remembrance of illumination can break through and leap out of the dust of kalpas. Radiant and clear white, the single field cannot be diverted or altered in the three times; the four elements cannot modify it. Solitary glory is deeply preserved, enduring throughout ancient and present times, as the merging of sameness and difference becomes the entire creation's mother. This realm manifests the energy of the many thousands of beings, all appearances merely this field's shadows. Truly embody this reality.
Hongzhi Zhengjue, 11th CenturyZen Master, Cultivating the Empty Field

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