Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Wall - Bruce Springsteen (with lyrics)

Brings tears to my eyes, in memory of my dear Brother Barry, killed there on Sept. 22, 1969 flying in combat just after his 22 birthday with only 2 weeks left over there. SCREW THE RICH MEN WHO SENT THEM TO WAR! And especially niXon who kept them there for 8 more long years despite running on a "peace" ticket. Most soldiers on the wall were killed after he became prez!
"High Hopes is a great album, but I have to say of the twelve, "The Wall" is my favorite. Back in the mid '60s, Bruce was in a band called the Castiles. Among the five members was Bart Haynes, who left the band to join the Vietnam war. He was killed in action in '67. Another friend Bruce lost was Walter" Bruce Springsteen

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