Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Dan Rather is about telling the truth!

You are either with complete honesty or with some form of bullshit, and bullshit stinks up and rots a society from within by preventing decision-making based upon reality. Letting lies slide and letting liars not be held accountable is a sure recipe for the end of a nation.
A lie is a lie is a lie.
Trump made General Motors stock fall today because of his Twitter lie.
What if a lie spreads that your bank is failing and there is a run on it?
"As I have said before and will say as long as people are willing to listen, this is a gut check moment for the press. We are being confronted by versions of what are claimed to be ‘the truth’ that resemble something spewed out by a fertilizer-spreader in a wind tunnel.
" - Dan Rather
 Lissa Davis: 
Gerard Baker is another empty headed shill working for tRumpf and the ruling republicans. But he is a Rupert Murdock employee and therefore can lie and not report lies, he can disregard lies, he can even make up lies. So, sorry Wall Street Journal, your credibility was just flushed down the toilet with the rest of the puke that this being spewed all over this country..

Legendary CBS newsman Dan Rather lit into the Wall Street Journal’s editor-in-chief for saying he was reluctant to call out obvious lies by Donald Trump by saying one…

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