Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Very well written objections to right wing agenda!

Very well written objections to right wing agenda! Lack of compassion and knowledge by Repubs!
Bonnie Merkel
8 hrs
I have been avoiding Facebook of late. Not sure why, except that voicing my beliefs has led to losing friends. I believe that each one of us has the right to h...ave an opinion; without causing an opportunity for argue my judgement. I have aways believed that unless one has walked in another's shoes; one has no way of understanding the problems that exist. I have always believed that one cannot make judgements about anything, without experiencing the .
Recently someone was picked as ''Sercretary of Education" who has no experience in the educational system. Even those involved in the educational system may not show good judgement some times. I can express this, because I have 36 years in teaching and experiencing the issues. In my opinion; getting in the trenches is the only way to understand the problems in education. For example; many schools still don't have enough textbooks for each child in their class.. State testing is supposed to check on a teacher's performance, based on her classes test scores and performance of her children. What is not known is that these tests require a child must be taken the age appropriate test. That means that children in any special education class, or non English speaking child still must take a test that really is not appropriate for their educational ability.

As for the Affordable Care Act; I believe replacement of the entire program is like "throwing the baby out with the bath water". Change usually takes about 10 years, so I feel that getting rid of the whole thing is inappropriate. I feel that they should tweet the plan that already exists. A member of my family is already worrying about losing his insurance with the proposed elimination of what he depends on. Actually, the cost of Obamacare has risen to the same rates insurance offered by businesses. Results are that employees working opportunities are cut in half. This means that they don't qualify for company insurance. Now what... It means that in order to be able to continue to carry insurance. Obama Care gives them the ability to continue to be in insured. Also, others, who only have the capability to work part time need an insurance program.
OK, I've gotten it off my chest, and I feel better. I hope you consider that sharing my thoughts is not meant to provoke opposing arguments. I was just stating my concerns, because I have walked in these shoes.

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