Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Evolve not revolt

Like: Bill Straehl
Seeing as I'm an eternal being, I often view things from a more distant perspective. I'd like to think that I'm beginning to detect a leak in the 'dike'. Guiliani being barred from practicing law. Pence breaking with trump on Jan. 6th. Bi-partisan movement on infrastructure. trump's fading media presence. In-fighting within the GOP. Their lack of loudly distancing themselves from the crazies in their ranks. Criminal investigations proceeding forward (admittedly at a snail's pace) against trump and the gang. Mitch's moves to set up his retirement. Biden's continuing quiet competence and popularity. With the handling of the pandemic, the economic recovery, and things actually getting done, I think America has grown tired of the 'circus', and is regaining its appetite for more boring, but competent government.

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