Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Egoless or need for stronger ego?


Hola Relatives  - sending you some kupuri/chi/mana love-light energy to support 

 you in polishing up your stardust in the Medicine Meadow to Live Love Now with some wisdom words from  Dr. Sydney Cohen, one of the first doctors to work with LSD whom i met and heard speak back in 1965 who said:


"We are born into an egoless world but we live and die imprisoned within ourselves.  Our fear of death is a function of our ego, which burdens us with a sense of separateness."  


and from Albert Einstein who called the modern human's sense of separateness "a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness."


We are WAYYY More Than We Think We Are!  


May we honor our ego's as tools we need to get around in this Middle World but not let them run the show of our lives remembering that the deepest truth of our being is that we are love and our love is for giving.


love, tomás

Dear Tomas, what is the difference between a "strong ego" that allows one to overcome fear to do righteous things such as what MLK, Gandhi, and others have done. and a "big ego" that appears as narcissistic like in the case of someone like Trump? I maintain that a "weak ego" due to childhood abuse that manifests in someone trying to prove themselves all the time such as myself, and possibly Trump himself? My becoming a sailing captain was, I think, trying to prove myself. I have studied in an Ashram with a famous Guru who supposedly had let go of his ego and needed lots of servants to help him maintain his bodily needs. He would wake up in the middle of the night screaming for one of their servants, who later, I was sad to hear died of breast cancer. What about your lying on a rooftop in furious winds? Or climbing Mt. Shasta and other vision quests? Are you trying to strengthen your "ego"?
 The Texas Democrats who left their Congress to stop the terrible voting laws by their GOP appeared to have strong egos. Can we really let go of our egos while in this body? Isn't a weak ego more of a problem than a "strong ego" which can accomplish good things in the world. I am coming from a place of having to develop a stronger ego in my life in order to try to do good things. My Unity Minister switched to an "unhealthy" ego, formerly blasting "egos", after I challenged him several times about needing a "strong ego" to run our church. Myself, I prefer the term "balanced ego", with the ability to become detached from it, with the help of awareness and the Great Spirit in mindful living on this beautiful planet. Can one let go of fear of death without a strong ego?                                Inquisitively yours, Ron

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