Thursday, March 30, 2017

Important to help save Democracy, however

 Yes, I have been OUTRAGED by the very toxic actions of 45 and the repukes,, so it is very important that I take care of myself. Meditation, prayer, Unity Charleston SC, however more importantly getting out in nature with exercise. Last night, you can see the results walking out at Folly Island to the Folly River Inlet along the beach for the magnificent sunsets. This morning, I walked to my favorite trees Live Oaks on a natural Coquina Road. I feel revived and continue my OUTRAGE URGING OTHERS TO MEET A CRITICAL MASS, which can be call Democratic such as turning 83% of voters against the repukes' wealthcare Bill! VICTORY! WE CAN DO IT WITH A CRITICAL MASS DEMOCRATIC MAJORITY! Nonviolently with Peace, Ron Alexander

Angel Wing Sunset at Folly tonight, , like the portal orb last week, I have never seen anything like this - Good OMEN!

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