Sunday, June 5, 2016

The greatest gift you can offer anyone....

Iris Iskander: Being present is the greatest gift you offer for everyone. With you can feel happiness even if was sad, can touch the moon, staring to the stars, singing the sun rising song!
Jeff Foster ( with Quantum of life.
6 hrs
The greatest gift you can offer anyone
is their complete freedom.
Freedom to love, to laugh, to cry,...
to feel scared, angry, insecure,
full of doubt or full of joy.
To hold them in that safe and sacred space.

You don't exist to make anyone else happy.
But you can be present.
Present to their unhappiness, their excitement.
Present to the life that moves in them.
And you can invite them to a deeper Happiness.
The Happiness of Being itself.
The Happiness that holds them
exactly as they are.
The way you hold them now.
The way the ground holds the flowers, the trees, the great mountain ranges.
The way you were held as a little one.
And before the stars were born.
- Jeff Foster

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