Wednesday, June 22, 2016

21 struggles of being an Old Soul trapped in a young body

1. No, you are not eccentric because you enjoy being alone.
2. No, you are not crazy because most everyone thinks differently.
3. No, you are not different for being creative.
4, Yes, you can hang out with elders, even though your friends want you with them.
5. Yes, you don't follow the crowd, and that is awesome.
6. No, you are not a "lone wolf" because you are independent.
7. Yes, you will be looked up to as a leader, whether you like it or not.
8. No, take that responsibility seriously yet lightly.
9. Lead mostly by being a role-model.


10. Yes, you do see through a lot of B.S in elders and your friends.
11. There is a time to be active, when you see a clearer path.
12. You have little time for material pursuits, much to the dismay of your parents and some peers.
13, Take it easy, keep realizing you are doing the best you can.
14. Follow you intuition, your heart while realizing your instincts (gut feelings) are valuable but of a lower order.
1 Prioritize - you can't do it all.
16 Live mindfully, moment to moment.
17. Take aikido or another kind of martial arts that helps you remain confident yet peaceful.
18.  Show respect for other, even if you think they are wrong.
19. Meditate/pray a lot to gain clarity.
20. Be Pro-peace not anti-war.
21. Look for the LoveLight in everyone starting with yourself. Smile a lot!  Ron Alexander


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