Monday, June 27, 2016

Love as Long as you live...

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Ra Divakar
Everything is Going Right for You
Deal with what is in front of you joyfully. Bring joy to the occasion. Your own vibration is the only thing to slow you down, so if you will allow the unfolding to occur, you will see more of what you want popping into your existence. Don’t judge yourself. Where you are is exactly where you should be.

You look at your activity and you think that doesn’t have much to do with where you want to go, and then you louse up your vibration with self-doubt. Then things grind to a halt, as the vortex shifts around your new destiny, a destiny based on loss and lack. You begin to doubt God and doubt the process. When you seed doubt, you reap doubt.

Relax and let go of the self-judgment. If you are going to allow that everything is going exactly right in the Universe, then allow that everything is going exactly right with you also. Lighten up on yourself, lighten up on the Universe, and allow the magic to do its magical thing. The fairies of the universe are lined up to help you, you just have to stay on the boat with Source and quit trying to do it all yourself. Do the fun parts. Do the joyful parts: That is where your connection with Source Energy lies.

You are blessed and loved upon your journey,
~ Twelve

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