Monday, June 20, 2016

2 min. meditation formula plus the secrets of...

Meditation is an acknowledgement that we are no longer seekers of truth. We are the truth. The moment you seek truth it slips away from you for it is the mind t...hat says "You are the seeker"
Consciousness always says " Meditate on me, fix your mind on me henceforth doubtless shall you reside in me"Faith is reminding ourselves that we are no longer seekers and meditation is the anchor which helps us crystallise that faith.
When done right under the right guidance you gain the ability to transcend the laws of karma, of pain and pleasure. You gain the strength to execute well to hold the reins of the horses well to navigate it in the right direction and achieve your dreams. This is very much possible and does not require 20 or 30 years or some super human skill. It requires Shraddha.
It is a difficult word to explain says Vivekananda. When shraddha enters into your heart a whole structure of ignorance and frustration collapses right before your own eyes and your passive nature falls.The biggest obstacle is our inability to have faith that all it takes is two minutes to race a old structure to the ground. It is deeply ingrained in us that that is not possible and it requires 20 to 30 years of mastery.
All teachings therefore are based on complex metaphysical connotations that no one and their forefathers have ever experienced. Great ones had direct realisation. Anubuthi is the Sanskrit word. and you can too...Guilt, failure in the past, lack of spiritual intelligence, low self esteem and being married do not mean anything to achieving the results which great ones experienced.
They are all lame excuses which the mind keeps pouring out day in and day out and the external world amplifies it. There is no reason you can fail when you know that you are not a seeker. You are the truth and when you begin with that spirit it is half the battle won.
To win the rest come join me and you will be laughing at how all the spiritual teachers and the world kept fooling you that this is not possible and that is not possible. Learn it like Krishna taught to Arjun. Straight in the face krishna punched Arjun and silenced his hypocrisy and taught him the worlds grandest truth.
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