Friday, June 3, 2016

Instinct or Intuition or Both?

 All animals have instincts, and it is automatic and invaluable, however as much as Cavemen needed it for flight or fight, it can lead to defensive paranoid behavior that is not really necessary anymore. On the other hand, intuition is from the higher mind/heart that can allow a person to feel the fear and act anyway or not act - a CONSCIOUS CHOICE! 
 What is the difference between intuition and instinct?
- Quora:
Whereas intuition is a feeling, a hunch that makes one way of responding more attractive to you than others, but you can still choose to follow it or not. In the example Trevor gives above, 'instinct' is used to mean something you do automatically, without consciously thinking about it.

Intuition vs. Instinct
Intuition is a deep knowing
often without reason.
Instinct it an inherent and
automatic reaction.
Use them consciously.
However, intuition can include instincts:

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