Dee Ferguson:
That moment when housekeeping, gives me a sense of well-being.
When it is going quietly, relatively smoothly..when I can think or not think.
Just running my hands across the soft cool sheets, smoothing out the wrinkles there..or, my fingers making patterns in our earth brown, fuzzy blanket as it settles down across the mile-wide bed, where we rest at night.
Doing the mundane daily chores, maybe motonous at times.. knowing these are the things I can count on, things just the way I like them to be..‪#‎that‬ brings comfort to me, balance..peace.
Recognizing, I am priveleged today to be able.
Time for some tea..
Lynn Salter Very nicely put.
Carol Durrell
Ron Alexander Sounds like mindfulness to me! I try to live that way, congratulations Dee!
Allen Benson Precisely!