Thursday, November 2, 2017

Experience the healing power of time...

Day 4

How to Make Time a Healer


I experience the healing power of time.


Siddho Hum
My essence is complete and perfect.
We’ve all heard that “time heals all wounds,” but the way in which we choose to spend that time will determine if our old hurts are healed or held onto. In today’s meditation, we experience “inward time” as one of the most powerful ways time can help us mend. We also learn how sleep time, play time, down time, and quiet time are all vital forms of making time a healer in our lives.
"My essence is complete and perfect. Siddho Hum." (The Essence of my Being is LOVE). Perfect Mantra for me as I had a rough night last night with insomnia. Thanks Oprah and Deepok!
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“Time discovers truth. Time heals what reason cannot.” – Seneca the Younger

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