Saturday, November 4, 2017

Art of Dying

RMija Cameto "I don't know how, but I am so grateful to have transitioned so peacefully from this life, at the best time for my learning, with complete appreciation for the love available at all times."
James K Newman Surrender. Resistance is what causes suffering
Vasdev Rathore Suffering is projection of mind. When one success attaining quiet mind actual nature of being which is pure unconditional love takes over.
Clive Bates Remember you are innocent. Understand that as with birth, death is not your doing. It is one big amazing mystery, and we were so fortunate to witness it. Give thanks and let go.
Ruth Afaja Well then, how not to resist it? 😄
Shirley Blanch There's a really great book written by Peter and Elizabeth Fenwick who are well respected researchers into NDEs. It's called The Art of to prepare for a good death. I've attached a link here.
A new book to help the dying, their loved ones and their health care workers better understand the dying…
uth Afaja

How can dying be experienced painfree, less dramatic and free of fear?
How can it be experienced joyfully and easy?

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