Tuesday, August 16, 2016



Ron, pop quiz time!

Q: How do you find love, health, abundance, and enlightenment?

A: Stop searching and start seeing what's been there all along.

Star on the forehead,
    The Universe

Diana A Robbins
Heard within years ago (and still applies for me): "Stop following after and worshiping teachers and gurus and books and philosophies. Instead, begin listening and following after the truth that is already IN you and AS you! It IS in you, you know. ALL of it."
We may, in our writings and teachings and sharings POINT to this Truth within. But we cannot impart it to another (no matter how famous we might be or how expensive our retreats, seminars, and lectures are). The way to ...the Truth within is to LOOK within and to LISTEN to the still small voice. Look and see the light with the single eye. Listen with the heart's ear. Be still and know the truth that you ARE--and be free. But don't believe me (or those famous guys and gals of the spirituality industry who profit from our following after them and quoting them). Try it for yourself. Be still and know yourself--and be FREE. Then just shine.

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