Monday, August 29, 2016


You are the Lighthouse
We know that it's difficult when you are in the middle of something that seems like a maelstrom, to recognize how much you are being upl...ifted by the cumulative effects of your positive thought. But it's actually a matter of contrast.
And ultimately you should be able to see, with greater assurance, the effects of your positive intentions and focus upon positive outcomes. You just have to be persistent in very much the same manner the lighthouse stands on the rock and shines through the middle of a storm. You see, you are the lighthouse.
When you relegate your thoughts to mere regurgitation of what is happening around you, then you lose your focus. You’ve got to realize that you and Source are a team that cannot be moved by mere circumstances. You are the light-house, and Source is the light that shines through you.
In a lighthouse they have those giant lenses that focus and direct the beam that shines outward. Your thoughts are like those giant lenses, directing Source Energy outward into your world, and calling to you by law of attraction the content of thought that you have chosen. Your thoughts do not change your world so much as they reorganize it. Experience reorders itself according to the predominant nature of your thinking.
And so to get through this time of upheaval, redouble your efforts at visualizing happy outcomes. And be vigilant to not allow your thinking to be directed by the unrest and upheaval that is going on in your world. You are the rock upon which future creation stands. Even through the maelstrom, Source Energy calls to you all of the things and delightful life experiences you desire.
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