Monday, October 11, 2010

Panache Desai - The Shattered Image

I have just returned from a weekend workshop with a brilliant teacher named Panache Desai. There were about 300 of us there, many of them regular followers of this young Guru. This was my first workshop with him and probably the last. Why? Panache will go to extreme lengths in order for his student to realize their Divinity, and not to project it or even worship a "Master". Panache especially does not want to be "worshiped." "I enjoy being human, I accept my ego, I love my strong wise beautiful wife (Jan). I don't think of you, when I am not with you. I deal with my immediate mundane life,when not with you."
The excellent title of the workshop was "Separation Ends, Mastery Begins". I think, for some, it could be called "The Last Workshop, Mastery Now!". Here is how Panache went about "shattering his image." When I placed my hands in a prayer position towards him (& his wife) when meeting in the lobby, he told me "not to do that." I told him, I am "doing it for myself". He continued rejecting my Prayer greeting, I continued doing it for myself doing the workshop. Then when he told us to take "a hammer to the mirror image of anyone we worshiped, and Jesus was one example he used. When asked if anyone objected, I raised my hand, he asked me why? I told him, I love Jesus, and that it was a "violent symbol" I refused to use. Then Desai, to his credit, answered: "then embrace Jesus." I told him I do! On the last day, he used the same metaphor on himself. After telling us how "crazy it was to be considered a teacher at age 32, and even "crazier when this started when I was 24", he told us to us a hammer on the mirror with him in it. Some courageous person, stood up and exclaimed: "why do you want me to take a hammer to myself." Panache Desai, agaijn to his credit, immediately admitted he did not want us to do that, and that his "critic" was right. Did he do it on purpose? If not consciously, Spirit led him there, as I am sure that many there perceived the fact that "I, Desai,does not want to be prostrated to as an Avatar. I love it here on Earth." In Buddhism, he would be called a "Bodhisattva" - an enlightened Being who comes back to help humanity. Me, I call him a brilliant, inspiring affirmative teacher, who may have helped me realize I need no more workshops? I am so grateful to Desai and his strong wise beautiful wife Jan, and to many others there well on their Way to not needing anybody anymore. We All have everything inside, so do "shatter the image" of anyone outside who would tell you differently. We are all Divine! And we are all One. Separation ends.

Panache role modeled his teaching: There is no imperfection; you've only ever done what you were meant to do. - Panache Desai


Jan Desai said...

Thank you for your beautiful post. Two months later we are still hearing from attendees whose lives have been transformed by the experience. You are perfect exactly as you are. You could have done nothing different in your life. Your journey is unfolding exactly as it is meant to. All powerful reminders to be present, breathe and enjoy the ride.

In love and light, Jan Desai

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Anonymous said...

This is what is so wonderful about Panasche, he is authentic. I have done one online seminar with him. He is not looking for return traffic to pad his bank account. One comes away with the absolute knowing you are whole and complete, just the way you are.

Anonymous said...

I went to Panache weekend event at Omega institute called unleashing boundless abundance.
I got nothing out of it and i left the event extra sad. He was not there with us on mind level.His ego was there instead. he made us just sit there and breathe and listen some music?? no guiding other then just breath in. one of the lady was exhausted and asking him I felt nothing and his answer was then you felt nothing!!and next!! The other girl asked him for help for very serous issue that she went true when she was 9 he just said breathe and asked her how she felt?? really you think that kind of serous event in your life will go away because you told her to breathe??
I also went Denver event he was amazing very connected with everyone and helped people right away with a very good technique and energy other then breathe. That's how i decided to join weekend event at Omega. the worst part is now i already paid to go to his Vancouver event for 8 days and almost pretty sure if his not change his ego to helping people i am gonna get nothing out!
Please Panache be your Denver self in Vancouver!!

Anonymous said...

Also When Jan said to the first commenter to breathe I thought that's the same thing he done us all weekend. I had to breathe a lot to get rid of negative energy after the weekend workshop. I thought it was just me who feel disappointed but I was not! as a matter of fact at least 10 people i got to talk to at the lunch right after event was so disappointed and trying to understand what was wrong with him and i told them after i heard their comment ohh cool then nothing wrong with me to think that way!

Anonymous said...

I too have been disappointed with an 8 day DDD his interactive call was emotionally abusive....telling one woman, 'stop being so pathetic!'. Now all of us have bad days and as humans that is certainly understandable....but if a spiritual leader is not able to get out of his or her ego to be of service then be honest and don't be cruel to people who are seeking help!!! I ask for and received my money back for that was disturbing to hear him speak so cruelly to people.

Anonymous said...

In 2009, I heard a little hype about Panache, the self described and self promoted "spiritual leader." He was scheduled to appear in a town near me so I paid the fee and attended. From the hype, I thought there was a possibility that he might have something unique to offer that would be of interest to me. I've been on the path for several decades and am fairly awake and aware, and I'm not naive. I was disappointed during his session by his juvenile communication skills and lack of dynamic concepts or presentations. He was parroting other lecturers' work without acknowledging them. He used a few Esalen techniques and a couple of parlor tricks on the crowd. He sneered at several people when he went around the room spending several seconds with each attendee. His approach was haughty and condescending, although in some ways he tried to project a more caring and wise non guru guru persona. My cr*p detector went off loud and clear. Many there seemed to hang on every word, and signed up for more of the same sessions and bought all the promotional cd's and such. Now, all these years later, and post Oprah, big whoop!, no doubt his communication skills are more polished. But really stay home, save your money. You Get There By Realizing You're Already There. You don't need a manufactured Guru that is packaged and marketed. Maybe Oprah needs that but do you?