Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Segregated Worship Places UPDATED TO APRIL TH

Johnnie Mitchell: My calendar says June 9th is a Friday - do you mean APRIL 9?

Ron Alexander: Thanks, yes APRIL, it will be so good to have you there for all of us!
Muhiyyidin D'baha
In da Holy City Mosques ; Synagogues are segregated just like Churches. We are Unified in that way. We all believe in segregation. #CharlestonStrong.
Ito Eta Aye. But how would we fix that? Hardly anyone has the strength and understanding of what dealing with this problem would require.
Ron Alexander:Try Unity Charleston SC
Lorna Gethers Coakley: And Seacoast and Cathedral of Praise.
Ron Alexander: On APRIL 9th, after church at 1pm, Myrtle Glascow (an Elder Civil Rights Leader) leads a film series on "How did we get here? followed by a dialogue circle on racism. All are welcome!

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