Andy Skadberg
The more you appreciate the wonders of life, the more you get to experience them. Andy
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Dean A Banks And the more you experience them the more your level of appreciation rises!

Andy Skadberg Isn't that so cool how this reciprocal process works Dean?, it is even multiplicative.

Ron Alexander This is an actual photo I took last week. I call it Angel Wings, and it is better than a thousand words to me Andy Skadberg.

Andy Skadberg Nice that you commented Ron Alexander. I am assisting my friend Tom Dooley with his woodworking business. He is developing an apprenticeship program. One of his target groups is vets, both young and old. Tom, Ron has done a lot of work with vets. His insights from his work would likely be invaluable for all of the "misfits" you're envisioning to empower. If you two are not friends, you should be.
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Ron Alexander Thank you,I love wood. The point I am trying to make is about your opening comment "the wonders of life"! The week before that awesome sunrise, V. and myself witnessed in the same sky a rainbow filled orb, a portal into a parallel universe, we later deciphered. Both of these wondrous events lasted for at least 45 minutes, and I know of no pen else that have seen them. Interestingly, we did find parts of a wooden boat - a plank and two parts of a gunnel that had scuppers carved in them. We brought them home, and may create something with these very weathered pieces?

Ron Alexander Enlarge the photo above and you can see the oval shaped orb with a little of the red of the rainbow in it.

Ron Alexander This is the photo with the orb in it. Clouds moved around it. but never over it for 45 minutes.

Andy Skadberg Awesome Ron! The veil s are dissolving rapidly. Did you see the heart in the sky pictures that I caught during a native gathering on the banks of the Mississippi, a few weeks back?

Ron Alexander No, why don'f you message me with one of the "Natural Wonders". And watch out for another one soon!