Saturday, February 11, 2017

Unconscious Privilege at the root of Unconscious Racism?

People may not understand that many do not always have the privilege of just being able to look the other way or of not becoming involved when injustices are being done that can affect or impact the future of your offspring adversely in a negative way. It may be looked upon as just wanting to stir the pot unless you pretend like you are that person and it is your own offspring... then you will probably get it. No one enjoys being up in arms... God made you so that you could make a difference in this life and so that you could leave it overflowing with goodness, mercy for the downtrodden, pure agape love for all and that you could reconcile others to the fullness of an abundant life. God said of all of his comandments, it comes down to two things... love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and to love your neighbor as you love yourself. .. if you love others like you love yourself, then you do not have the luxury of always looking away.
Ron Alexander Unconscious privilege may be at the root of unconscious racism?
Lorna Gethers Coakley It is Ron. You said a mouthful. So many are not even aware of this and that is why they are offended when accusations are made. I wish that I could speak at churches all over the state and be able to present the demonstrations of privilege by using the balls in the basket and the shortchanged example.

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