Thursday, December 22, 2016

Three Christmas Musical Celebrations with Wounded Veterans

First of 3 Christmas musical events that Victoria and I enjoyed accompanying these wonderful wounded VETS. SERVICE IS JOY!

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  The Veteran on the left is PFC Finney, the decorated medic from WW2's worst battle Okinawa. He could have been the medic that was the subject of the current movie HACKSAW RIDGE. He did not want to kill, so they made a medic out of him. Unlike the movie's hero, Finney did carry a gun, and said he would have used it if he had to, but never had the time. He received a purple heart and a Bronze Star. After the war, he went to Northwestern on a GI bill and University of Chicago Grad. School. Then he worked on civil rights legislation writing the Equal Opportunity Act. Finney is very proud of working with Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. One of the first times I met him, he told me sometimes he did not want to open his eyes, because he felt transcendental bliss

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