Monday, December 19, 2016

NO feeling is negative, Jeff Foster

NO FEELING IS NEGATIVE No feeling is negative. Every feeling is simply energy in the body. No feeling is "negative".
Every feeling is simply energy in the body.
Vibration. Heat. Intensity. Mystery.
The mind labels a feeling as "negative".
Or says "this is a low vibrational frequency".
Or calls it "dark" or "dangerous" or "evil"
or "unspiritual", or simply "bad".
Let the mind make its dualistic comments.
And then return to the raw physical sensation.
Here, now.
However uncomfortable a feeling is,
it is not working against you.
It is life. It is sacred. It is welcome here.
Breathe into it. Dignify it with kind attention.
Let it live
in the safety
of your indestructible Presence.
- Jeff FosterVibration. Heat.... 

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