Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Is our country doomed because of this election.

Ron Alexander: Anger is a natural part of grief! It is healthier to express it than to stuff or act on it! I AM SO PISSED OFF AT THIS ELECTION AND YOU REDNECKS WHO VOTED FOR HIM. IF YOU DID VOTE AND you like results please block me or let me know, & I will block you!
Evelyn Leonard Wright: It will hit them where it will hurt the most--in their pocket books.
I agree and believe one can be angry while in grief however also remain loving at same time - "TOUGH LOVE"!
Conservatives are already deservedly kicking themselves for voting for this very flawed  man. Is our country doomed because of this election. I have read where Canada is overwhelmed with requests and has shutdown their website?
The prospect of Donald Trump winning the presidency is scaring the hell out of the world’s markets, and conservatives are to blame.

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