Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Excellent response from Rev. Ed of Charleston Unity

Equanimity, some thoughts about the election:
Some are jubilant this morning, some are scared out of their minds, maybe some are feeling otherwise. In our church, we have people across the spectrum. As divided as our country is, the next section below, Love Everyone Always, is even more imperative. So even though the election is over, the section will remain one more week.
Whether jubilant or scared or whatever,  emotions are to be felt fully and completely. We'd be silly not unhealthy. And to wallow is equally as unhealthy. So, a here's a reminder to us all of two world scriptures which can be very helpful in times of relative or extreme emotion:
From the Bible: "These things do not move me" (Luke-Acts of the Apostles) 
From Buddhism: "Follow the Middle Path" and  "All things are impermanent"
After experiencing our emotions, and processing them with friends and families, we get back to the place of equanimity, as both scriptures above enjoin us to do.Equanimity is defined as the perfect unshakable balance of mind. It's right after the election, and emotions are running high in either direction. So equanimity may not be attainable just yet, understandably.  We find equanimity when we realize that all emotions will pass, all things will pass. And that goes for jubilancy or fear! Both are impermanent. When the emotions stick around too long, that's on us. 
Our good friend, Simran Singh said this morning in her Facebook post: What is this election asking of you? How will you show up in the world? What gifts is this calling from within you that have remained unexpressed? Will you become the leader of your own free world? 
Now every action must be your prayer, the way of Love... the call of your Light... the Truth of your Being...
Good stuff, thanks Simran.
Like baseball managers, presidents get way too much credit and way too much blame. It's all about the middle path, and equanimity. Become still as the deep waters...and when it comes time to deal with someone who thinks differently than you, then you and I will be in an equanimous, centered place to have fruitful discussions. and we'll enjoy life more.

One final point: God, as we each understand God to be, is Source and Substance and is in charge, not any president.

In the meantime...

The residents of the Charleston area declare a bold message: Love Everyone, Always. This election we will focus on kindness, respect, forgiveness, and acceptance amidst a heated time in our country around politics and the election. Jesus, the Buddha  and all the world’s spiritual masters invite us to be kind, respectful and love one another...including the people who don't look like us, vote like us, or act like us—all are loved deeply in the eyes of the God of their understanding. We want to be a city that loves, respects, serves and welcomes everyone, always. 

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