Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Dialogue about war and its collateral effects.

No one wins with war and so much is lost.
This is the moment a rescue volunteer breaks down in tears after pulling a Syrian baby girl from the rubble.
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Ron Alexander So true, thanks Sherry!
Ron Alexander However, there are times like WW2 when the Japanese, Germany, and Italy had to be defeated for humanity's sake.
Sherry Dixon That's why we need to do everything we can to avoid it. 😄
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Ron Alexander Surely Sherry, you know we had to fight that Axis- the three countries above. I am pro-peace, however we had no cboice in WW2. However, I wish we would have chosen peace instead of war in most since then. My dear brother Barry would still be alive without Vietnam for instance!
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Sherry Dixon So many lives are affected. Even though I was not involved in the Japanese occupation, I was affected significantly. Do you know if anyone has ever done a video on collateral damage. There's been a lot of books.(here is excellent book that Sherry wrote: 
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Ron Alexander Whew! The war comes home with the vet or even worse when the vet does not come home, however in your case, second generation from occupation after invasion! What about your children? "Collateral effects" need to be more recognized and wisdom to help stop wars. In fact, that is what your book does, and that is my goal for my work. Thanks for your inspiration dear Sherry

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