Saturday, September 10, 2016

: Fill all this space in our heart to overflowing!

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LovePema Chodron spoke about sad joy. She explained that joy comes after sadness. We need to go through the sad part gently, awake, and present which then allows the heart to break open. From the open heart the joy flows out. This is how we cultivate a tender heart. She reminded us that if we skip this process, joy is brittle and full of fear.
When we soften our attitude or position we cultivate a tender heart. We become less fixed on having things turn out our way and begin to open to uncertainty. It’s this softness that gives us courage and strength, not tights fists and absolutes. Sad joy is goodbyes and hellos, winning and losing, deaths and births. This is the beauty of being alive, laughing until you cry or crying until you laugh
Our heart has so much space - fill it to overflowing!
And resentment is the biggest obstacle to joy!
these should (could - never "should" on yourself") have been two different posts...

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